G&A’s engineers are experienced with conventional and the latest technology in wastewater treatment. Coupled with regular correspondence with state and federal regulatory agencies, our experience enables us to provide you with a wastewater alternative to meet each project’s unique requirements. Whether a project requires all system components be housed in a building or buried, we can customize a facility to meets your needs.

Our knowledge of regulatory requirements is supplemented by education of the latest techniques for package plants or individual component systems.

Recently designed systems include The Berkshire Hills Regional School District campus, Vacation Village in the Berkshires and Snowy Owl Resort timeshare communities. The school project was a regional high school, middle school and elementary school campus collection system and facility design. Here we opted for an aeration biological process with “Zenon Zee Weed Ultra Filtration” system capable of handling design flows of 35,000 gpd. Finished effluent is discharged in a subsurface leachfield.  Vacation Village’s collection system and facility design was sized and built to handle 90,000 gpd. The facility consists of an onsite disposal of finished effluent to a leachfield.  This plant utilizes the aeration biological process with a Koch Puron membrane filtration system. This package plant facility also allows operators remote access by computer to monitor and/or modify system operation as needed. Both of these types of package treatment facilities are compact and offer treatment resulting in a very high quality effluent capable of consideration for reuse and/or recycling in toilet flushing or other approved reuse applications.

Our office technical staff includes two licensed wastewater treatment facility operators, who not only operate these facilities and perform monthly regulatory reporting, but also provide practical knowledge for design of similar facilities. They also help train the owners’ staff to manage and operate the facility in a manner which can allow the owner to take over operation of the facility or reduce outside input in order to minimize operational costs.