Currently energy costs increase 5% annually on average but are expected to be greater in the future as finite resources such as oil become scarcer. Because of this, Guntlow & Associates has encouraged implementation of on-site renewable energy sources in our projects. Renewable energy is that which is created by natural processes, including the sun, wind, rain and geothermal heat.

Both residential and commercial projects can benefit from the use of renewable energy systems. Our projects, such as the Clark Art Institute and many single family homes, have already incorporated geo-exchange systems into their design.

Guntlow & Associates, Inc. has also worked on several wind turbine projects including the Zephyr Wind Turbine at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, that currently proposed at Berkshire East Ski Resort and the Berkshire Wind Farm under construction atop Brodie Mountain and is involved in researching, design and permitting for the installation of hydro-electric power system on a residential subdivision.

To this end, we have started New England Solar & Green Solutions, a company dedicated to providing clients with an alternative to “grid” based energy suppliers. Partial to complete power independence can be established through green energy services. With government and utility subsidies and credits currently available, the economics of alternative energy continue to improve.