As mentioned, it is recommended that we are engaged for construction related services. While this is sometimes required in the Order of Conditions, it is always recommended to monitor the construction as it progresses, working with project proponent and their contractor to comply with the requirements of the Order of Conditions. This work may include inspection of dewatering containment barriers, erosion control fences, coffer dams and check dams. We have also monitored wetland restoration areas and then rechecked after several months to ensure successful results. Erosion control and sedimentation to not only resource areas, but also neighboring properties and public roadways is always a concern to permitting agencies as well as the municipality where the work is taking place. Frequently, we prepare construction progress reports for the Conservation Commission. Should the terms of the Order of Conditions not be strictly adhered to, there is risk for the issuance of an Enforcement Order whose penalties may include substantial fines.